Exorcising Spirits

by Land of the Living

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grandeped Another classic incarnation of Joe Albanese. Heavy, alternative, globally-influenced music.
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If you like beef Jerky and wear a coonskin cap you should get a thrill out of listening to this.


released July 14, 2011

Joe Albanese, Jon Berrier, Len Venditti, Alicia Luma, Kristen Ligotino, Cat Albanese



all rights reserved


Land of the Living Raleigh, North Carolina

Land of the Living is musical mind control. In fact, if you're reading this, it's too late. "Rosebud" buy the songs "Freedom Train" do it now. Joe Albanese, Easy and Dave Napier making music because they can.

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Track Name: D Block
D Block (solitary confinement)

I've been walking this narrow road
Even though I don't know where it goes
I'll keep walking til my shoes turn to dust
I won't stop cause I'm never enough

It's like D Block It's like D Block It's like D Block up in here
And all the romance it's all packed away in cans
I can't reach them with my hands anymore Don't try at home

And there's that frog you've never kissed
It's not the pain but the love you've missed
I'll keep on with these blistered hands
No matter who misunderstands

Here's the thing to fault me for
To me it's all worth dying for.
I won't stop til my flesh falls away
And I'm a mound of bones on judgment day

© Joe Albanese 2011
Track Name: Love Grown Cold
Turncoats turning by a hundred to one
Lion tooth fierce troubled times have come
The love of many has grown so,so,so cold
I want to be dead before my love grows old

While you're ringing round that rosie
Got a pocket full of death

Self medicating mother father alike
unviable mass passes skin, It's alife!
Some would be a porn star instead of a wife
And for forty three dollars Hank's friend lost his life

A house that is built on the sand
When times get hard it will not stand

Everyone's so sensitive bout what is wrong
Put their necks to the fangs just to get along
Opinion's like a WHAT yeah i got one too
Shut your stinking trap they'll be coming for you

© 2011 Joe Albanese
Track Name: Cyclone Breeze
Times are hard in August and the wind won't blow
The man's the man and he won't let the money flow
I stop to take a breath and think of who I am
I drop my shovel and walk 'cause I don't give a damn

My momma was the Mona Lisa
My daddy was a cyclone breeze
I cut my teeth on many (Muddy)waters
Had my Christmas in my dungarees
I was born for the second time
On the Blackwater River's edge
I know exactly what I'm doing
Don't need no man to tell me

The black tar so hot it's burning through my soles
It don't help too much my shoes are full of holes
I stop to take a rest beneath a shady tree
I just forget the world don't tell me I ain't free

The sweat salts my eyes and just wakes me up
And then the want of money comes a creepin' up
Worry tries to trap me with it's evil spell
I close my eyes and laugh and just say "what the hell"

© 2010 Joe Albanese
Track Name: Tambourine Tears
Each eye spoke of a suicide
One the virgin's death
The other subtly still can hide
Between the frozen breaths

Her tears fell swift like tambourines
What make their tiny crash
A tongue hangs up above her dreams
So crushers can be lashed
And I know you I want you to be loved
And I know you I'm fighting for it love

Now, I don't mind the lash or two
It takes to be her friend
Nor the babbling towers I must build
When I come back again
But longer and still longer
And still longer I have fussed
To row and row my boat until
My brow sweats out her trust

And she's like a walking seashell
That's empty and it's dry
Why can't I find the ocean
That thunders down inside
Track Name: Beauty
The glamorous sit in poverty
Laughing at the rich and blessed that they can't perceive
Yes, they can not see what has true worth
What can it buy in Sheol when they enter the earth?

A tragedy beyond all else this beauty in this world
To awake and find it's really gone and with it your worth
To never know exactly who is kind or real or cold
Until your beauty makes it's last retreat when you grow old

All the while the beautiful
Think that they are noble great and wise
What it is they fail to see
that they are envy in disguise

So don't you shudder anymore
At the wretched face of the ugly few
For beauty crawls on it's belly in the dust
Yes, it is they who will pity you.

© 2011 Joe Albanese
Track Name: Dwell
Dwell beneath the wings of the most high
Fall upon the things that matter though most die

My father's head on the north gate
It turned to bone by the twilight
It shaped my life in a fortnight
It shaped my life

One if by sea and two by land
a hole in the heart, the feet, the hands
One if the sea begins to burn
Two if the land begins to burn

No more will I kill for bloodlines and their ilk
Nor will I return with spoils from those killed

Down by all the water's stillness in our tents
The wicked feel the angels sawing on their necks